Top Five Things To Look For When Working With A Roofing Contractor

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While small electrical or mechanical tasks around the house might be easy to handle, repairing the roof can be a bit more of a challenge. There are a couple of issues with a roof, especially if not handled properly when constructed. As the roof is exposed, improper insulation, poor construction quality, or pooling of water in random places can cause seepages and leaks, and even damage the insulation, which can lead to a downward spiral of getting water inside the house, causing issues with furniture and so on. Such concerns are usually common in areas receiving plenty of rainfall.

The best way to get ahead of issues like this is by catching the problem before it arises. Although most of us might not understand much about roofing, fixing a roof, or even successfully climbing one, there are a few simple steps we can keep in mind to make sure the professionals working on the job are doing it right. To make it easier to understand, here is a list of the top five to look for when working with a roofing contractor.

1. Make sure the contractor is up to date with their WSIB
The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board is Ontario's workplace compensation board across each Canadian province and territory. Employers across various works in Ontario usually register their employees under this Government agency. It is one of the bigger compensation boards in North America and responsible for administering and enforcing the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA). They provide multiple benefits to employees registered through them, including full medical care for people injured at work and wage replacement for as long as necessary until they can return to work. When working with a contractor, if there is an accident when working on the roof, the homeowner should not be responsible.

2. Make sure they have General Liability Insurance
Another primary requirement should be Liability Insurance or third-party insurance. This insurance protects the "insured" party from the risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims and protects the insured if they get sued for specific claims. It is in the best interest of homeowners to double-check to make sure they are not going to get in any trouble if there are any issues with the team working on the roof.

3. Make sure they are accredited to the manufacturer of the products installed
There are a lot of supplies needed when putting together the roof of a house. In some instances, contractors might use lower quality products to save on cost. Make sure you review all the material used. On the flip side, they might use superior quality supplies but not have any assurance in terms of faults or breakages. In such instances, it makes sense to work with contractors who are connected to the supplying dealership so they can get them exchanged or replaced if any issues should arrive.

4. Make sure the company provides both; the manufacturer and workmanship warranty
Roofing contractors rarely do the work themselves and have a team to assist them throughout the process. One of the major issues when dealing with the team is that you cannot supervise multiple people all at the same time. Coordinate with your contractors to find out if they provide a workmanship warranty on the off chance that there are any errors caused by their team. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, the items, products, and supplies used should also come with a warranty, which should make getting them replaced, a breeze.

5. Make sure you are working with a knowledgeable contractor
Roofing is more than just replacing shingles. Good contractors will assess your entire roof system and provide a detailed report of anything that needs to be changed, or parts of the roof that can have issues shortly, including ventilation, insulation, eavestrough, and shingles.

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