A Guide To Help You Identify Problems with Your Roofing System

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With the unprecedented situation of COVID-19, it can be easy to put off essential jobs around the house, including roof maintenance. However, if regular roofing repairs don't get executed in time, it could lead to damage to your ceiling, walls, and furniture.

So, to avoid facing unnecessary structural challenges, Everlast Roof Systems has put together a guide to help you identify problems with your roofing system early on. By following this advice, we are sure that you will clear up your roofing issues before they become costly.

1. Leaky roof
The majority of the leaks usually start with a compromise in your roofing system. It can be caused by missing or damaged shingles that have exposed your roof deck to the elements or through your roof protrusions, including vents, plumbing stack flashing, or chimneys. If you notice any wet marks or signs of dampness around your ceiling, give us a call, as we can provide you a detailed report with the cause and cost of fixing the issue.

2. Hot rooms in the summer and cold rooms in the winter
For hot and cold rooms, having the proper ventilation and insulation will allow for a balanced attic environment necessary for having a comfortable home with optimum temperature. Consequently, we can make your home energy efficient all year round and reduce your energy bills.

3. Leaky eavestrough on corners
Over time, the sealant in the eavestrough at corners deteriorates due to UV exposure from the sun, which causes leaks. It also results from leafy debris clogging and water flowing behind the eaves and down the Fascia.

Therefore, by using an appropriate eavestrough hanger or guard system, we can mitigate UV exposure to the sealants. Our method will also keep leafy debris out and have a solid anchoring system for your eavestrough which will require minimal maintenance.

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