Eavestroughs are part of your roof system that takes the precipitation shedding from your roof and evacuates it away from your home. Here at Everlast Roof Systems Inc. we install heavy gauge 5- or 6-inch aluminum eaves with an internal bracket system complimented with either 3” x 3” or jumbo 4”x 3” downpipes to accommodate our ever changing climate.


European Eaves

Looking for something unique?

Inquire about our  European Eavestrough System! An exquisite rounded appearance with external bracketing system, this eaves system will provide you with an elegant aesthetic to your home or business.

Soffit and Fascia

Soffits are located under the overhang of the roof. These panels should be perforated and unobstructed to allow for air intake for a balanced attic environment.  Click here for products ranging from 2, 3 and 4 panel perforated soffits as well as custom items in a wide variety of colours.

Fascia is the metal that is installed behind the eaves troughs and along the gable ends. It helps secure your soffit into place. Inquire about our full aluminum replacement package here

Here are Everlast Roof Systems Inc. we advocate the use of a gutter guard system for homes or businesses that are in close proximity to trees. The gutter guard system allows the shedding water to enter the eaves trough while keeping the leaves and other debris out.