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Proper attic insulation helps to prevent heat loss in the winter and retain cool air in the summer. If you think your house is leaking money through a drafty or unsealed attic, carry an energy audit or use a thermal camera to find cool spots up there. It’s likely to fill those holes though, based on the age of your insulation, you might be better off substituting your attic insulation outright instead of filling in the gaps.

  • R-Value Attic Insulation

To start off, understand what R-value is suggested for your home based on your location. You can get this information from the Department of Energy. If you aren’t familiar with R-value, it’s primarily an insulating material’s resistance to heat flow, measured by its thermal resistance or R-value. The higher the R-value, the more efficient an insulating material is. Your home’s R-value score will lead you toward the type of insulation you need.

At Everlast Roof Systems Inc., we will provide you with expert guidance on what your attic needs. A great attic requires a minimum of R-50 value insulation.

We use cellulose as our primary blown-in attic insulator because it has several benefits like :

  • Operates a high-density rate and R-Value (almost 1/3 higher than fiberglass)
  • Lower health risk as compared to fiberglass (through inhalation)
  • Environment friendly (made of recycled paper and cardboard)
  • Fills all of the small crevices in the attic to secure a proper air seal.

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