Cedar Shakes

Cedar Shakes

Cedar shakes is an organic roof system that gives a rustic aesthetic look to your home. It provides up to 2x more natural insulation then standard asphalt shingles. Eco friendly building material, installed correctly can last up to 40+ years! With a great resistance to Canadian weather.



Natural preservatives that make it resistant to Moisture, UV rays, High winds, etc.

Low Density

Material gives minimal shrinkage and holds fastenings tight to give you a long-lasting roof system


Great natural insulator that brings down your home heating and air conditioning costs


We use a pressure treated cedar that withstands all Canadian weather

Energy Efficient

Since cedar is a great natural insulator, it keeps cool/hot air in, leaving the home owner with low energy bills

When it comes to Cedar roof systems the cost will be greater than your average asphalt shingle roof, but your home is your biggest investment. Installing a high quality, long-lasting roof system comes at priceā€¦ however, the longevity of a cedar roof system gives for a higher return on your investment.