Types of Ventilators, Active and passive

Active Ventilators create circulation within an attic space using either mechanical or natural principals. While passive ventilators work on an imbalance in atmospheric temperature.

Maximum ventilators 301,302, and 303 work on two principals, the Venturi and Burnoulli effect providing superior ventilation without the need of mechanical assistance.

Ventilates 1600 sq/ft of attic space per vent

For structures with restricted air intake. This product has been specifically engineered to provide the required amount of intake for a proper balanced attic

Installed along the peak of a structure allows for humid and hot air to exhaust from the apex of the roof.

Classified as a passive ventilator, these vents work when there is an imbalance in temperature.

Solar power to operate fans within the vents

Requires an Electrician to connect wiring

Exhaust Bathroom Fans

Exhaust Dryer and Kitchen Fans

Ventilation Types